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eastories is a travel agency which is specialized in tours to Russia and its world heritage site – Lake Baikal. Our goal is to combine active tourism to the nature with cultural highlights and interesting cities, following the “slow travelling philosophy”.

We build our trips in the way that you have a lot of freedom and possibility to create the route in your own way.

Experience of local living by staying in family houses, eastories farm on Lake Baikal. Learning Buryat culture and the nature of Siberia is one of our main goals, together with eco-friendly tourism.

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Moscow & St. Petersburg

Meeting Russia always starts with a stop in Moscow or Saint Petersburg, because all destinations in Russia cross these two metropolitan cities.

Are you interested in discovering these two cities?

trans siberian express - eastories

Trans Siberian Express

The Transsib as they call it, is not just a bridge between far away cities but it’s also an undefined world, where life’s rhythm is conducted by the sound of the train’ wheels.

Book your once-in-a-life-time experience going through Russia with us!

Lake Baikal

Four train days from Moscow you will find Lake Baikal, the oldest and deepest Lake in the world. It contains over 20% of worlds fresh water and it makes you feel that it’s not just a lake. Here the native population personifies Baikal and prays to Him as to the God.
Check your trip to the world’s deepest lake

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Organised tours through Russia and Lake Baikal. We offer Summer and Winter trips to discover the natural wonders and heritage of one of the most fascinating land in the world.


If you need a consultation for your flight, contact us and we’ll find the solution.


If you want to customize your trip, eastories can support you on accommodation booking among the cities and places that you want to visit.


We help you to arrange your visa to Russia. Just fill the application form and we will send you the invitation/support letter


Russia is connected by an extended trains network. eastories can organize and book your train tickets to link your stops and explore Russia and Lake Baikal.


Local life experience in “eastories farm“, which is located close to the Lake Baikal. Warm and nice hut with 5 beds, fireplace, and a possibility to taste organic food.

We are located about 270 km from the nearest city – Irkutsk and 60 km from the Olkhon Island. To get to our village, you have to cross the mountains and Taiga forest, the nearest asphalt road finishes 42 km away.

The people here live the way like they did it hundreds years ago – they go fishing, care about domestic animals and the land. Our village is far from tourists route – there are no bars or hotels and the local people are friendly and curious about foreigners.

Our family have three houses, where one of them we left just for You. In 2017 we have installed central heating but we left the old stove anyway, so you can enjoy the life fire in the evenings.

The house is very close to the river and stays in front of the high rock, which you can see just from the window

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Siberian bike adventure

Siberian bike adventure on frozen Lake Baikal. Complete story with stunning photos here: http://mtbm.ag/2Iu5IWr

Posted by MTB MAG on Friday, March 16, 2018

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It’s hard to explain what is Siberia – it’s just impossible to compare it with any other place on the earth. Fishes from the cleanest lake in the world baked on the fireplace, shamanist rituals, white-blue wooden houses, sweaty banya, and the space- unimaginable space around. It is just unforgettable to immerse yourself in this world, where the time passes so slowly, where people are free and modest and where you can understand how little are you and your concerns in front of the World.

Daria Kosińska

Lawyer from Poland

It is difficult to describe the feelings that arise after you take the Transiberian train for the first time. Before that, it was almost like a myth: images, movies and news made you get a romantic picture of the route and the train itself.

Jose Maria

Biologist from Spain


Life on the train has its advantages. First of all, time flows differently. The rhythm of life set trainstops.

Iwa Pawlak

Journalist from Poland

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