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How do I get visa for Russia

In order to make visa for Russia you need a passport valid at least 6 months at the moment of entering Russia and two blank pages inside.
The simplest way to get visa for is to find local tour agent and let them do everything for you. This will cost you much more then you actually can spend if you do it all on your own:

Check where is your nearest visa-centre, for example here is one in Italy:, and this one in UK:
Simply type in Google “Russia visa centre” and you will get the address for your visa centre.
Once you find your next office, check out which documents do they need from you.

Usually apart of valid passport there are two more documents needed:

visa support letter and insurance valid in Russia. Both of it you can order online on our website in the section: visa invitation letter. The cost depends on amount of days that you are going to stay in Russia. Once you’ve got all papers, you can go to the visa centre in person and leave there your passport with visa support letter and insurance. This way you can apply for tourist visa which is normally valid 30 days.

The visa cost depends on the country where you issue it. The tour offices usually charge the double price of the normal price which you get in the visa centre.

Where to book train tickets in Russia

Train tickets for Russia are nowadays fortunately available online. There was and still is a big deal to buy them on the train station – the lines are long and the staff very unfriendly. Having an foreign passports makes the process even more complicated…but that’s another story.

Simply go to the and book your ticket.

There is also an official website of Russian Railways, but the booking process is a bit more complicated.

Rememberer that you can buy the ticket max. 45 days in advance.

Once you have the ticket, all you need is just to go to your train and show your passport to the conductor, he/she then will check if you are on the list of the passengers, then you enter to the train and that’s it

Another good thing to know about the train ticket booking in Russia is, that you almost always have to possibility of refund, date change or even name change, without huge extra charge

Where to change money in Russia

In Russia you can change your money in many different places, but rarely you find the official exchange rate.
In order to get minimal lost is to:

avoid exchange in airports.
check which bank offers the best exchange rate

Here you can check which bank offers the best rate at the moment:

Where do I find bus from Irkutsk to Buguldeyka

Once you are in Irkutsk it is easy to get lost around the amount of Cyrillic posters and advertisements. There will be probably no one who speaks english german or french, so your only solution is to gesticulate and follow this info:

If you are on the train station and you immediately want to go to the Lake Baikal, you can search on the parking in front of the station for minivans. Even if they seem to be private, they work for public transport and most of them are going or Ulan Ude (УЛАН УДЭ), or Khuzir (ХУЖИР). Both of that directions are going to the Lake Baikal.

If you prefer first to spend a bit of time in Irkutsk you can go on foot to the centre or take the tram (tickets inside). You also can take kind of UBER Taxi, which Russian alternative name is YANDEX TAXI in Russia and it is really cheap there. All you need is to order yandex taxi via app (download it here for IOS and here for ANDROID). The cost from the station/airport to the centre of the city is about 150RUB.

The Bus (marshrutka) Irkutsk – Buguldeyka departs from the bus station at 16:00, the ticktes are available online 30 days before departure and costs 600 RUB.
Here is the link to the website:

If you are about to go to the Bugul’deyka village, the bus from that parking departs everyday at 5pm

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